• Test Management

Lemontree’s Test Management focuses on helping companies deliver faster and better software. By simplifying and improving the testing processes, we can carry out more effective tests with more relevant results. Put simply: We make the testing process as smooth and as truthful to reality as it can be.

Our Test Management solution consists of different modules which all represent a need in a particular field.


  • Ensures that the documented test strategy is followed
  • Makes it easier for the organisation to work consistently
  • Needs minimal updating
  • Contains simple and intuitive tools that are similar to in different areas.


  • Transforms input into clear benefits.
  • Generates automatic reports in real time that give the same information everywhere
  • Gives tailor-made information to different parties


  • Ensures all devices automatically interact with one another
  • Integrates data and makes it accessible where needed
  • Optimises communication and handovers through automated processes and traceability

With a growing demand on being able to deliver quickly and effectively, test management has become all the more important. This puts high demands on clear processes and smooth ways of working with the results.

Historically, test management has struggled with other challenges that influence the delivery time and quality of the delivery. Many are unsure about where to start or which direction they should be taking and so plan the process in a way that makes it inefficient.

With Test Management’s clear and results-oriented operation mode, we can help your organisation go from ok to fantastic and from complicated to easy. You deliveries will also become faster and better.

Lemontree’s Test Management is built on four different factors:

Technology – We work with market-leading products that are completely integrable, and that support automated and optimised test design, accelerated manual testing, and more.

Expertise – With our specialist know-how and experience of Quality Management, we can develop and improve in fields that others haven’t even contemplated.

Strategy – With well-developed processes that focus on delivering clear effects, it’s easier to implement results.

Vision – We lead by example: We are constantly changing and improving in line with new technology and the market’s needs.