• Test Data Management

The simple way of creating uniform test data for all systems, without manual, complex, or time-consuming steps. It is hard to manually create and manage authentic, synchronised test data. It is a long process, and this affects the effective test time. Up to 30 percent of the test time can often be lost as a result of inadequate data management. It is in this that our solution, Test Data Management, can improve efficiency and production quality.

Test Data Management offers an efficient management of test data. It is quick to implement, and gives significant time and money savings in the testing process.

Test Data Management:

  • Extracts data from the relevant production systems
  • Enables the subsetting, enrichment, masking and manipulation of test data.
  • Generates test data based on a sophisticated algorithm engine
  • Can interact with Test Automation and Performance Test to automatically create and restore test data.
  • Supports single sign-on and access controls that protect sensitive information.