• Technology: Performance Management

Lemontree uses world-leading products from HP for performance tests within Performance Management. Although the focus is on defining how the tests should be carried out and which values should be checked, it is important to use the right tool for the tests themselves, to ensure they are executed as planned. Depending on the conditions, different tools are used. The latest addition, HP StormRunner Load, is used to load-test web applications and mobile web applications. Here, built-in monitors are used to monitor the topology being tested. This solution doesn’t require any installation; the service can be used at very short notice and without extensive preparation.


For mobile applications, HP Network Visualization is used to test how different suppliers and bandwidth affect the mobile applications. We use HP Loadrunner when other protocolls are necessary for load-testing applications. Monitoring is handled by the accompanying HP SiteScope.

In larger organisations, where performance testing is handled in several different parallel projects, we install and use HP Performance Center as a part of HP ALM. HP Performance Center makes use of the same controls and load generators as HP Loadrunner, but everything is managed centrally in HP Performance Center.