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Lemontree Performance Management is a complete solution that comprises technology, processes, expertise and know-how to ensure that critical systems can handle loads and performance.

Together with the functional requirements, non-functional requirements also form the basis of our software testing. The challenge with testing non-functional requirements is to ensure that they are tested in an environment as similar to the production environment as possible, and also to determine how the results should be measured and interpreted.

Performance Management focuses on how the business’ goals and criteria will be met, not only on technology and execution. Performance Management includes phases for analysis, design, implementation, execution, reporting and finishing work, where each phase has clear success factors and a clear focus on the business benefits, as well as the technology.

Performance Management has clear process thinking, split up into introduction, rollout and monitoring, to easily establish a performance function in the organisation where communication channels can quickly be established with important decision-making bodies such as the test manager, those setting the requirements, the business and the suppliers.

Performance Management can work with Service Virtualization to simulate items dependent on the system that are still under development or inaccessible for other reasons. As such, performance and load testing problems can be detected and fixed sooner.

Performance Management can be supplied as a function where Lemontree takes full responsibility, as a TaaS in the cloud, or to be run under the client’s own management.