• Mobile Test

Lemontree Mobile Test helps our clients deliver high quality thanks to a high competence and a market leading tool. The explosive development within mobile applications means that the software industry is facing new challenges in mobile testing. Mobile Test meets these challenges with tailor-made solutions.

Mobile Test introduces test strategies that not only cover mobile applications but the entire application platform, including back-end, to enable “end-to-end” tests.

Application development is a fast, variable branch, where increasingly high test requirements are being set. New test strategies need to be developed in parallel with mobile applications. With shorter test cycles, time can be a real challenge. Even access to test environments can be a challenge, as each mobile platform and operating system should be viewed as its own test environment. This means that increasingly high demands are set for a functional test organisation that can manage these challenges well. In addition, mobility brings further aspects into play, relating to the application’s performance in different locations and on different networks. Mobile Test takes this into consideration and takes your testing processes to the next level.

Lemontrees test method for mobile applications:

  • Enables end-to-end tests for mobile applications including back-end systems.
  • Can be integrated seamlessly with Test Automation or other technologies.
  • Can be integrated with real and visualized network relationships for performance testing of applications in realistic conditions.