• DevOps

DevOps works like a bridge between development, environment and testing, where complete environments are automatically created. Using a virtual platform, a test environment can be created in minutes using both applications and databases.

Much of the time during testing and development is inefficient because of environment issues – they are set up badly, or contain incorrectly configured software or coding. By automating the handling of both the infrastructure and the applications, we can quickly and efficiently create environments for everything from device testing to acceptance testing.

The goal is to create environments simply, from a complex world. We do this by automating the chain from code to testing. In DevOps, we handle Continuous Integration through Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA):

  • Automatic building of checked in code
  • Automated tests

We handle Continuous Delivery through Cloud & Orchestration:

  • Virtual environments
  • Cloud-based infrastructure and services
  • Automatic rollout of the code built for the device’s test environment