• Service Virtualization

Eliminate the obstacles that arise because of dependence on systems, applications and third party services throughout the development and test process.

From our own experience, we know that at least half of testing and development time is wasted, which has also been confirmed by published research. These time losses often result from problems arising to do with access to environments and test data. At Lemontree, we have the competence and solutions to help our clients eliminate unnecessary obstacles and costly consequences.


Service Virtualization listens to the traffic and interaction between your systems and services. Virtual applications and services are then created that simulate data, performance and behaviour. You have access to an authentic virtual environment that behaves like a real system, but which is always accessible.

Advantages of Lemontree Service Virtualization:

  • Eliminates obstacles and cuts lead times for development and testing
  • Shorter time to market
  • A must for agile businesses and IT projects
  • Improves quality and reduces costs
  • Lower costs, as licenses and software are not needed in the virtual world.
  • Market-leading technology from HP Software
  • A complete model for fast implementation, maintenance and running

Service Virtualization works independently but can also be expanded with other programmes such as Performance Test, Test Automation and Test Data Management.