• About Lemontree

    The difference that makes the difference

Lemontree = Speed + Quality About Lemontree
  • Offices in Stockholm & Norway
  • Approx. 50 employees
  • 2020 turnover: approx. 60 million SEK
  • Founded in 1999
  • Clients mainly in telecoms, the public sector, insurance, banking & finance
  • Registered head office in Stockholm
  • Corporate Identification number: 556641-0337


Business idea

Lemontree automates processes which makes it possible for our customers to both increase time to market and increase the quality in their digital services. We help our clients get results, by simplifying the difficult and eliminating the time-consuming. Lemontree’s success is closely linked to our competence, and ability to create ready-made solutions based on our partners’ leading products. Lemontree’s clients number mainly among telecoms operators, in the public sector, and in banking and insurance in Sweden and Norway.

Our trademark is our desire and ability to always make that extra effort. Our fast-growing client and employee base are proof that our mix of strategy, technology and commitment are the difference that makes the difference. Over 50 committed employees work in our offices in Stockholm and Oslo.




“We are committed, and take personal responsibility for the success of both our customers and of Lemontree. Our commitment comes from the need to make a difference, which gives our work a greater meaning. This has created a company culture that develops and acknowledges us, both as a company and as individuals, at work and in private. Our commitment is characterised by our ability to evaluate what is important, and to promptly take any and all measures required. We see opportunities and make the most of them, and always have one extra gear in reserve.”


“We keep our promises. Our clients and colleagues can always trust that we carry out everything we say we will, with a high level of professionalism, and high standards. We are always willing to take on the bold challenges, but make sure that we deliver when the curtain rises. The reason for our integrity is that we feel good doing what is right from everyone’s perspective. Our integrity is characterised by honest, straightforward communication and working as a team to reach our shared goals.”


“We understand our clients’ businesses and challenges and are driven to deliver solutions that give results and make a difference. We make sure that we understand a problem before trying to solve it, and are aware that it isn’t always obvious. Our default approach is that everything is possible, and we find proactive ways of overcoming obstacles on the way. We don’t strive for the perfect solution, but for the perfect result, and are constantly looking for ways of simplifying and improving. We know we will earn satisfied customers with exceptional results, not with a forced dependence.”