• Test Automation

Test Automation

Thanks to our faster regression test, we can shorten our clients’ time to market, all the while at a lower cost and with a lower risk of production faults.

New technologies with comprehensive clients and composite and mobile applications make testing complicated. The tests must be carried out by many different clients, and with different configurations. The need for automated testing has increased to support agile working methods, higher demands on quality and a shorter time to market.

New testing requirements, driven by iterative application development methods and an increased focus on shorter time to market, have increased the pressure on the testing industry. Through established, tried and tested processes, we can help clients make an effective transition from manual to automated testing.

Test Automation:

  • A test data-driven framework built to manage new technologies
  • A modular solution which is tolerant to changes in the systems tested
  • Minimises maintenance time and investment
  • Supplied with ready-made generic components that make the system easier to implement

We have high standards for the reliability and quality of our tests, and are very satisfied with the automation concept that Lemontree will supply to us. This means that we can increase our test range while simultaneously shortening our regression testing time.

Marcus Nilsson, Software Quality Assurance Manager at Bankgirot.