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Lemontree Test Design is a series of different services that build upon Agile Designer software from Grid Tools. Test Design is an automated alternative to the traditional process of manually converting the text-heavy documents necessary to document testing.

Test Design lets your IT team create and adjust needs models together. When the models are complete, they are automatically converted into an optimal number of test cases. Test Data Management can also automatically find and handle data to run different tests.

Test Design cuts test times and reduces costs in a significant and measurable way. All the while improving the quality of the test result.

With Test Design, you can automate the testing process to run fewer tests with a higher quality that includes more functionality. By graphically modelling the test requirements, problems can be detected earlier on in the process and incorrect guesses are kept to a minimum. All communication can be made around a limited number of graphic models, rather than a deluge of text-heavy documents and extensive test documentation.

Keeping the amount of tests and duplicates down reduces the costs of both design and implementation. A smaller number of tests also leads to a better quality in the tests carried out. Because Test Design automatically keeps track of and creates new tests, and removes the old and updates new parameters, you can be sure you will always get a relevant result.

Avoid the delays, incorrect test results, time-consuming and costly administrative processes of manual handling. Do it faster and more accurately, simply and cheaply with Test Design.

Test Design always begins with an evaluation of the client’s specific needs. With this as a starting point, Lemontree can suggest other solutions that will simplify and improve both testing and results.

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Ole Martin Haugesten – Test Automation Engineer