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Lemontree distributes Exalead OneCall from Dassault Systèmes, a solution that compiles all information a company has on its customers and presents it in a single place. With this, customer service centre staff have a complete overview of the client, and can quickly answer questions or give advice on  new products.


Customers are often very familiar with and well-informed about products available. This puts higher demands on the customer service centre, as customers may have complex and well-informed questions. The amount of questions has also been on the rise, as customer service centres move out onto the web and into social media.

A big problem in many companies is that staff in customer services need to know and have access to many systems and user interfaces, as information is spread out in different isolated data sources (silos). There is a real need for being able to simply search through all data sources simultaneously, in order to get the information needed quickly, to answer customers’ questions.

OneCall is a solution that connects to several different data sources and gathers information in a simple user interface. This tool gives customer service centre staff a better chance of being able to answer questions quickly, and suggest new products.

As a result, the company can train up new staff more easily, efficiency increases and customers are satisfied at being able to get fast and appropriate answers.


Lemontree implements OneCall based on our standard methodology. Our introduction process guarantees that attention is given to all stages such as analysis, implementation, testing, training and management of the solution.

We have a service desk that answers questions quickly, and gives tips about how you can best make use of OneCall.

Read more about Exalead Onecall on Dassault’s website.