• Vertica – Big Data Analysplattform from HP

Vertica – the Big Data Analysis platform from HP


Lemontree distributes HP Vertica, a solution for the advanced analysis of large datasets with outstanding speed and scalability.


With the immense amounts of information that machines produce today in social media and elsewhere, there is a growing need for businesses and authorities to be able to make important analyses in the shortest possible lead times.

In many cases, existing BI/data warehouses aren’t able to provide information with the speed and flexibility that today’s modern companies and authorities require.

The solutions also have difficulty managing scalability as the amount of information grows.

With HP Vertica, you get the completely new opportunity to produce advanced analyses of large datasets quickly and at a reasonable cost. The product is built to be scalable and runs on standard hardware and operating systems (Linux), either in your own environment or as a cloud service (SaaS). The product uses an optimised storage format that gives significantly faster searches in large datasets, simultaneously optimising the use of storage space.


Lemontree implements client-specific solutions with HP Vertica for your particular needs.  We have produced a special offer for the modernisation/supplementation of your data warehouse.

We can supply solutions on the Vertica platform as a cloud service (SaaS), in your environment, or in a combination of these.

Our introduction process guarantees that attention is given to all stages such as analysis, implementation, testing, training and management of the solution.

We have a service desk available for our clients that quickly answers questions and assists with tips.