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A huge amount of data is produced every second. Some of it is structured in transactions and log files, other pieces are unstructured and come, for example, from social media. As storage no longer costs much, the amount of data is growing fast.

The information can be extremely variable. It can be anything from raw data from sensors, text documents, emails and video to status updates, financial transactions and more. Using this information, companies can tailor-make offers following behaviour patterns. This is extremely valuable for B2C companies and their clients.

At Lemontree, we are experienced in supplying solutions that predict future patterns of consumption. We look forward instead of turning back. It is only then that the real value of Big Data can be harnessed.

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine” – Peter Sondergaard, Gartner Group

For just under 20 years, Lemontree has supplied solutions and services to large B2C companies. We know the value that different information currents have, and we know how to analyse them in order to predict future patterns in an appropriate way.

Many large B2C companies save enormous amounts of data. But data in itself isn’t valuable, rather, it is only when it is analysed that it becomes meaningful. Only then can you tailor messages to suit different clients, determine root causes for different problems, make risk assessments in real time, or calculate which customers will be most important in the future.

Thanks to our extensive experience of predictive analysis, at Lemontree we can extract effective answers and facts from your information. We combine special competence with the market’s best analysis tools to create business-critical solutions with Big Data.

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