• Performance Testing

    Ensure that critical systems can manage load and performance

Performance Testing

Functional requirements and non-functional requirements together forms the entire basis for software testing. The challenge when testing non-functional demands is to ensure that they’re being tested in an environment as similar to reality as possible and also how to decide how the results should be measured and interpreted.

Performance Management focuses on how to reach the goals and criteria of a business, not just the tools or the execution.

This also includes analysis, design, implementation, execution and reporting where each phase has distinct success factors and a clear focus on both business value and the technology.

Our work with Performance Management

Here at Lemontree we have a clear process thinking in both implementation, release and follow up. This enables us to easily establish a performance function in an existing organization where communication channels quickly can get equipped with important decision making roles such as test leaders, business analysts in the organization and among suppliers.

Consult Services

We offer consultants within to meet demands in assignments, projects and deliveries:

  • Requirements and defining needs.
  • Project and Test Lead work.
  • Technical investigations and Proof of Concept Management.
  • Proof of Concept with our partners and concept (in Swedish).
  • Implementation of technical solutions.
  • Execution, reporting and maintenance of technical solutions.

Performance Management can with great advantages work with Service Virtualization to simulate dependencies to systems that are under development or for any other reason aren’t available. This way you can detect and fix performance and load testing issues.  P

Lemontree can deliver Performance Management as a function where we take full responsibility like TaaS (Testing as a Service) in the cloud or like maintenance run by the client.

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