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Our products

Lemontree resells and delivers products from the portfolio of our partners along with our own technical concepts. Our partners include Micro Focus, UiPath, Tricentis, Abrantix and Curiosity Software. They have relevant product suites to meet the needs of our clients.

The Test Frameworks LUQAS, LTE and “Testing as a Service”

For more than a decade Lemontree has offered our clients qualified services within automated testing. We offer our different frameworks that can be adapted to suit your needs or that can be used “off the shelf”:

  • LTE, Lemontree Test Enabler. Our Framework based on standard components from Micro Focus. For more than a decade we’ve developed, integrated and refined the concept to be able to test different kind of systems, applications and services for our customers. The concept covers everything from mobile devices, applications over the web and legacy systems. LTE also contains the Test Data Management tool MDS that’s offered to supply test data and plan testing without the need to be a developer.
  • LUQAS, Lemontree Unified Quality Automation Solution. This is the Lemontree Framework that is based on open source technologies such as Jenkins, Docker and the web based test execution interface LDS. Connect LUQAS with the requirements management in Jira, the testing with Selenium and reporting with ALM or Octane.
    The Framework is developed for full integration with different tools and platforms that is adapted to your business. LUQAS is offered on premise or remote as a service from Lemontree.
  • TAC, Test Automation Center. Lemontree offers test tools, platforms and best practice for technical testing. Our Center of Excellence, “TAC” offers access to Testing as a Service on a subscription basis, on site or remote. We have a complete quality system for maintenance, method, service and support to your business so you can get all the support you need for your test process. Through our TAC we can offer you to buy only the testing you need, when you need it and to the extent that you need it, connected to the tools and Frameworks that we provide.




Quality Management – Management Tools

Efficient Quality Assurance processes does not consist solely of testing. The different functions within development is more and more woven into the flows between the development all the way to deployment and maintenance. We offer tools to connect your Quality Assurance over the entire life cycle for follow up of requirements, defects, testing and releases. Either handled within the tools that we offer or as integrated solutions with Quality Management tools.

We offer a number of products from our partners or from the world of Open Source, depending on what would give you the best effect taking your current prerequisites into consideration. We work with front ranked products such as qTest, Octane, ALM/QC or Curiosity to achieve this.

Test Automation

Lemontree is sprung from the world of automation. We want to execute things fast, efficiently and with the right quality. Our range of products stretches over a number of areas within automation, such as:

  • API and GUI testing
  • Browser based testing
  • E2E testing
  • Legacy testing
  • Model based testing
  • Safety testing within development
  • Performance testing
  • Graphic representation of testing through flowchart modeling

These are available on premise as well as SAAS services.

Automation with RPA (Robotics Process Automation)

To automate services is one of the great trends of the 2020s. It saves time, money and facilitates more effective work flows stripped from repetitive tasks. Lemontree has worked with automation for 20 years and welcomes that automation now enters the service sectors. We deliver solutions from a number of distinguished partners within the field. Cutting edge RPA solutions and products are available from. Ui PathMicro Focus, Tricentis and Curiosity.

Testing of Payment Solution Software

Encrypted transactions and payment systems can be difficult to test effectively through simulated signals and virtual systems. You can solve this by physically testing with a terminal testing robot for EFTPOS testing. Our partner Abrantix has a system that soles challenges within card testing via chip, wireless, magnet strip or for example devices such as surf pads and mobiles where Swish, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay och Google Pay is tested.



Why Chose Lemontree as your Supplier?

Lemontree is one of few partners that can offer support on test products within a large range of technologies where we’re also specialized, being it our own products or the products of our partners. We have a local service desk in Sweden where we can rapidly answer your questions in Swedish (and English of course) and can give you how to best use these products. In addition to this we have our TAC (Test Automation Center) that can help you with your testing continuously as a subscription service.

We have extensive experience from installing and configuring the products of the Micro Focus suite. In addition to this we have build our own Frameworks to complement the tools from our partners and that give our clients all the more value. We already have finished methods that we can implement in your organizations along with routines and processes for hor our clients can and should use these tools in their everyday work.

It is important to us to share our knowledge, which is why we arrange workshops and courses in both the administration and usage of these products. The workshops and courses are tailored for each client to match the present need.