• Mobile Testing

    Lemontreee helps you test your mobile applications.

Mobile Testing

Test your mobile apps

Our consults help you with solutions to quality assure, test and automate test execution. We’ll perform the testing for you, on site or from our own test center via the cloud.

Application development is a rapidly changing area with higher demands for requirements. New test strategies need to develop at the same time as the mobile applications. With shorter test cycles this will eventually create challenges. Even the access to the test environment is a challenge since every mobile platform and operative system is to be considered as a test environment on its own. For this to function smoothly you will need a well functioning test organization able to manage these challenges adequately.

Along with mobility comes aspects of application performance in different sites and networks.

With our solutions for mobile testing we can help our customers deliver high quality thanks to our high knowledge and leading tools. The explosive development in mobile applications leads to new challenges for the software industry in mobile testing.

Our solutions for mobile testing and test strategies includes not just mobile applications but the entire application platform including back end to enable end to en testing.

Lemontree solutions for Mobile Test:

  • Enables end to end testing for mobile applications including back end systems.
  • Possible with seamless integration with test automation or other techniques such as our test frameworks.
  • Can be integrated with real and virtual network solutions for performance testing of applications under realistic circumstances.
  • Read more about testing in the cloud via our solutions for cloud based testing of browsers and mobile devices (in Swedish).

We work as specialists in testing both in technical tools, as technical testers or as manual testers testing the applications according to your needs.