What is your job’s biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge is to ensure that all employees in my team have interesting assignments, and that they develop in accordance with both the company and their own personal development plan. In my role as a consultant manager I also have delivery responsibilities. It leads to responsibility to ensure that, among other things, staffing projects and commitment that our sales organization delivers. The mission keeps me alert when the sales organization constantly winning new contracts.

What does a normal working day look like for you?
I have no regular working days, but a general day consists of many meetings. Everything from interviewing those who are seeking employment with us. To individual development discussions with members of my team. I also need to get information from so many different parts of the organization and therefore we have regular briefings to monitor how our commitment develops. My days are long, but it’s my own fault, time goes so fast when you’re having fun!

What were you doing before you started at Lemontree?
I used to work in a large organization which competes with Lemontree. My choice to start at Lemontree is the opportunity to be closer to our customers and the ability to influence its development. In smaller and medium-sized enterprises it is a greater chance of getting your voices heard. It is more dynamic and we can make quick decisions which ultimately benefit our customers.

What differentiates Lemontree from other employers?
I chose to work at Lemontree because we have a good customer strategy, we are a service-oriented company where there is a possibility to influence the company’s direction. We really want to make a difference for our customers and the positive feedback we receive makes me psyched to be on Lemontrees journey.


There is no good explanation as to why I started in the IT industry. It was really luck that brought me where I am today. I am people-oriented and interested in technology, making the industry and the profession a good fit for me.