What is your job’s biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge is to make correct decisions based on the information available to me. This is done by constantly weighing the pros and cons and thus arriving at the most appropriate decision. It may concern how a problem should be solved or what techniques to use in a specific project.

What are you working on right now?
I am involved in a project where we will help the customer. They get daily article updates from their supplier, describing the simplest ways to improve their business. It has complex business rules that must be taken into account, making it an exciting project when there is a lot of room for creative solutions. Additionally, we use the latest technology in this project which makes it extra fun.

What has been the most fun assignment at Lemontree so far?
It was a complex project in which an authority would be divided into two companies. Both companies would have the same document management system which led to a lot of migration work. There were many issues to consider and proper planning was required which was also very stimulating and exciting.

What differentiates Lemontree from other workplaces?
The atmosphere at Lemontree is wonderful. The combination of excellent colleagues and leaders make Lemontree a very fun place to work – I am not exaggerating.

I also appreciate the opportunity to work from home when necessary and other flexible arrangements for staff.


“I have always wanted to work in IT. IT is a fun profession in the sense that you are always learning new technologies and new ways to solve things. It never gets boring and developing solutions is a little bit like art.”