What is your job’s biggest challenge?
My work is very focused on customers. It is a challenge to balance the time and cost of the project with results that meet customer expectations. The challenge in each new project is to develop a solution that is advanced enough to meet the customer’s needs and to not over design the solution. We need to develop functionality that benefit the customer and suggest improvements where needed.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The best part of my assignments is that I work closely with the customer. I get to see the customer’s organization from the inside and see what their processes look like, from the accounting to the sales department. My task is to gather requirements and requests from the client and to then translate them into solutions.

What has been the most fun assignment at Lemontree so far?
The most fun project has been a major integration project with a telecom operator where I was working with several others from Lemontree. We worked closely with the customer and decision makers, which facilitated our work and the customer got a fast delivery.

What differentiates Lemontree from other workplaces?
Lemontree really differentiates itself from other employers because they have an explicit strategy both to win the project and on how to run the company in general. There is more affinity towards the employees as opposed to when working as a resource consultant.


“I started working in the IT industry due to a job offer at an IT company. Now I can’t see myself doing any other kind of work.”