What’s the best thing about your job?
My work is very diverse! I am responsible for solving complex problems which arise while developing Lemontree’s products. I am part of a good team that is getting better and better and is growing together.

What is your job’s biggest challenge?
My job’s biggest challenge is that every system that we implement needs to be supported differently. There are always new problems to solve, but I notice that these challenges have helped me develop further.

What were you doing before you started with Lemontree?
I went straight from university to Lemontree. I studied civil engineering in Norrköping.

How has Lemontree’s methods and organisation helped you to hit the ground running as a recent graduate?
As a recent graduate, I did not know what to expect nor what was expected of me. Lemontree has a good atmosphere and it was easy to feel at home. I was able to get going quickly and got the help I needed to learn and to do my work. Everybody helps each other out at Lemontree!

What are you working on right now?
I work at the TeliaSonera TAC (Test Automation Center) as a developer.

What differentiates Lemontree from other workplaces?
Lemontree is different from other IT companies as it is a solution provider and not a pure consulting bureau. As a developer, this gives me the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to support Lemontree’s solutions.


“I am really fascinated with technology! I’ve always been interested in science, programming and problem solving, so the IT industry fits me well”