• Lemontree Archiver

Lemontree Archiver

In order to meet today’s needs in e-archiving, a good knowledge of both issues of archiving, and modern integration solutions, is needed. By combining Sweden’s leading expertise on RA-FS 2009:1 and 2009:2 with our experience from a large number of integration projects, we have developed Sweden’s only ready-made product for scalable mass archiving – Lemontree Archiver.

Lemontree Archiver is the only complete product on the market for automated transmission from a business system to an arbitrary e-archive.

Lemontree Archiver helps you to:

  • Save money by digitalising the whole information chain.
  • Automate the archiving process.
  • Cut lead times in connecting additional systems to your e-archive.
  • Discard old systems by migrating.

With Lemontree Archiver you avoid the classic problems of long lead times and the high costs of transferring information to your e-archive from multiple operational systems.